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SVG Object Library

SVG Widget Library


The SVG object library provides a set of ready to use SVG HMI objects for use in web based HMI systems. This document lists these SVG HMI objects and provides additional information on how to make use of them.

Library Categories


Most SVG HMI widgets are provided in a number of pre-defined colours. You select the colour you wish the object to be by selecting the correct file. Each file will end in the name of the main colour of the object.

For example, the file defining an oblong rectangular push button will be described as "pb_oblong_toggle_<colour>". For the orange version of this the actual file name will be "pb_oblong_toggle_orange.svg"

Some objects are only available in a single colour, or in some cases (e.g. pilot lights) the colour changes at run time. In these case the file name does not end with the name of a colour.

If you wish to use a colour which is not defined, you can copy any of the files and edit the contents with a text editor to use whatever colour you wish.