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This software system is known as HMIServer, and has the following capabilities:

Field Device Communicatinos

Drivers for field device protocols are built direction into HMIServer and do not require any additional software.

Supported Protocols

HMIServer supports the following protocols:

Client and Server:

HMIServer supports field device protocols in both both client and server forms. The client version acts as a client (master) when talking to the field device. The server version acts as a server (slave) and must be actively polled by the field device. Both versions offer otherwise similar capabilties and the choice of which to use depends on whether a client or server is needed to work with the field devices.

System Requirements:

The software has the following system requirements:


This software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free software. See the included license document for more details as to the applicable version and terms of the license. You may copy and distribute this software freely provided you adhere to the terms of the license.