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MB HMI - Intro

MB HMI is a Human-Machine Interfaced (HMI) based on standard web technologies. This allows both local and remote HMI systems to be created using what has become today's standard for machine interaction - the web browser.

MB HMI is used to provide the web based HMI to the MBLogic automation server, and the primary documentation for it is provided there (see the link to "MBLogic" on the above menu). This page simply provides a overview of the technology.

Standard Web Technologies:

MBHMI is based on the following web technologies:

Building Web Pages:

Drag and Drop Graphical HMI Development

The graphical portion of the HMI can be created using the Inkscape vector graphics editor.

MBHMI Demo Screen

The provided graphical widgets (push buttons, pilot lights, etc.) can be used as is and animated, or you can draw your own custom graphics and animate those, or mix both methods together.

HMI Graphical Widgets:

selector switch pilot light dial gauge numeric increment

A great many graphical and HTML HMI widgets which continuously update themselves live on the screen are available using standard web technologies. Here are some examples of what is provided with MBHMI. Any graphic may configured to be in any colour. The colours shown are examples only.

See more examples of the HMI graphical widgets here.

Cascadas Protocol:

cascadas logo

The Cascadas protocol is an open protocol designed for use with HMI systems. MB-HMI makes use of the Cascadas protocol to deliver easy to use communications with high level HMI features.

Read more about the Cascadas protocol here.

Browser Compatibility:

browser screen shot browser screen shot browser screen shot

Since MB-HMI is based on web standards, it is compatible with most modern web browsers. See examples of MB-HMI running on a selection of different browers and operating systems here.