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Help - Demo Applications:


This section describes how to operate the demo which comes with the system. The demo uses the Modbus/TCP server version of the HMI system as it allows a self standing demonstration to be created. However, all versions of HMIServer support the same HMI features.

Process Simulation Program:

A process simulation program ("") is also provided. This is a simple program which communicates with HMIServer reacts to events which occur in HMIServer. This program is started automatically if the instructions referenced below are followed. This program has no purpose outside of the demos and may be deleted if it is no longer required.

Sample Configuration:

A sample mbhmi.config configuration file is provided in order to provide a compatible configuration for the demos. This file must be replaced by one created by the user when a real application is created.

Server Start Parameters:

All demo web pages use the following server start parameters:

Modbus/TCP Server Version of HMIServer


	./hmiservermbs/ -p 8082 -r 8600

Alternative Parameters

A different set of parameters may be used provided they are valid. The web page URLs given in the following documentation however assumes that the above values have been used. Change the URLs if you are using a different set of parameters.

Web Browser Compatibility:

The HMIServer demos use a number of advanced features. Almost all modern web browsers support these features. However, some web browsers based on older technologies do not. If the demos do not work correctly, check to make sure that your browser is an up to date version. The following browsers are known to work:

You may need to use a newer version of these browsers in order to view the continuous animation effects in some elements of the demonstration.

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer (any version) will not work. It is a text-only browser, and does not have the ability to display the dynamic graphics used in these demos.

Starting the Demos:

Several shell scripts or batch files are provided to start the demos using the default parameters. These are:

Protocol Client/Server Linux File MS Windows File
Modbus/TCP Server hmidemombs.bat

These start HMIServer as well as a simple demo process simulator program.

Starting the Demo from Linux:

Do one of the following"

Starting the Demo from MS Windows:

Do one of the following"

Tank Demo:

"Tank Demo" demonstrates a number of typical features. To start tank demo, type the following into your web browser address bar:


You should now see a web page that looks similar to the one shown below.

tank screen

Click on the "help" menu option in the demo for an explanation of the features of the demo.

Access by Multiple Users:

The system is designed to allow access to the same data by multiple simultaneous users. This can allow several HMI displays to control the system from different locations. You can test this by opening the demo several times in different browser windows (or tabs). Data which changes in one web browser will automatically be seen by the rest. You can test this by starting the tank demo in one window while watching the changes occur in real time on the others.

Multiple access includes access using different web pages. You can design different HMI web pages for different users and operate them simultaneously.