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Editing SVG with Inkscape

Setting Text Labels for Push Buttons

Push buttons can be labelled by modifying the default text label. To modify push button labels:.

1) Select the push button.

2) From the Inkscape menu, select "Text", and then "Text and Font".

setting the text label for push buttons.

3) When the text edit window appears, select the "text" tab.

setting the text label for push buttons.

4) Change the button text and then click on the "apply" button to apply the change.

5) Repeat this for any other push buttons. Close the text editor when you are done.

Text and numeric objects have default text (e.g. "Text" or "1234" which is present in order to make moving and locating the objects easier. This text will be automatically replaced by the correct data when the system is running. If it is desired to replace this default text this can be accomplished in the same manner as shown above for push buttons.