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Editing SVG with Inkscape

Other Editing Features

Grouping Objects

It can be convenient to group objects so they can be moved and changed as a single unit. To group several objects together:

1) Select the objects.

2) Click the "group" button on the tool bar, or select group from the menu ("Object", "Group").

grouping objects

Removing the Fill and Stroke Properties from Objects

It is sometimes necessary to remove the "fill" or "stroke" properties from an object. The "stroke" is the outline of an object, while the "fill" is the interior colour. If an object has a fill or stroke already set, those settings will over ride the ones set at a higher level. Also, it is sometimes desirable for background art to have either no fill or else no stroke visible (if there is both no fill and no stroke, then the object will be invisible).

However, setting the fill or stroke to "none" is not the same as simply removing it. When the fill or stroke are removed ("unset"), the object can inherit properties from outer levels (if any are present). When fill or stroke are set to "none", then the fill or stroke are disabled for that object and cannot be inherited from outer levels.

To remove the fill or stroke:

  1. Enable the fill and stroke menu ("Object", "Fill and Stroke").
  2. Select the object.
  3. Select either the "Fill" or "Stroke Paint" tab.
  4. Select "unset paint" (this should be a question mark icon).

To set them to "none", perform the same steps as above, except for the final step select "none" instead of "unset" (this should be an "X" icon).

removing stroke removing fill

Editing Hints