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What's new in MBLibs

05-Dec-2010: Release 09.


The old version of the Modbus SimpleClient has been replaced by a new one that offers an improved programming interface. The old version is still available for existing programs, but the new version should be used in all new applications.


This release brings this version into alignment with the current release of the MBLogic soft logic automation platform.

05-Jul-2010: Release 08.

There are no functional changes. This release simply aligns the file versions with those currently shipping in other programs.



21-May-2010: Release 07.



10-Nov-2009: Release 06.

25-Sep-2009: Release 05.

20-Jul-2009: Release 04.

26-Apr-2009: Release 03.

15-Mar-2009: Release 02.

2008-12-06: Release 1.