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What's new in HMIServer

2011-03-17: Release 22.

The changes in this release are all related to supporting a new program for creating HMI web pages called HMIBuilder.

2010-12-03: Release 21.

Combined Packages

New Monitoring and Control Interface


2010-07-24: Release 20.

2010-07-05: Release 19.

This release is primarily concerns minor changes to support specific user requests. There are no new major features and if you have an existing installation and are not experiencing any problems there is no reason to upgrade.

HMIServerMBS and HMIServerSBS

HMIServerMBS Only

All (HMIServerMBC, HMIServerMBS, HMIServerSBC, HMIServerSBS)

2010-05-21: Release 18.

Prior to this release HMIServer was part of the MBTools package. Now it is packaged separately. If you are looking for MBAsyncServer, MBPoll, or MBProbe, they are still released in the MBTools package, along with several new programs.

HMIServerMBC - HMIServer with Modbus/TCP Client

HMIServerMBS - HMIServer with Modbus/TCP Server

HMIServerSBC - HMIServer with SBus Client

HMIServerSBS - HMIServer with SBus Server

2010-02-10: Release 17.

2010-01-16: Release 16.

Minor Bug Fix in HMIServer!

New Features in HMIServer:

2009-12-16: Release 15.



2009-10-27: Release 14.

2009-09-25: Release 13.

2009-09-23: Release 12.


2009-06-26: Release 11.


2009-05-28: Release 10.


2009-05-18: Release 9.


2009-05-09: Release 8.


2009-04-14: Release 7.


2009-03-15: Release 6.

2009-03-04: Release 5.