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Output Instruction Buttons:


The output instruction buttons allow output instructions to be added to the matrix.

Selecting Output Instructions

All outputs listed below are "single input" outputs unless otherwise noted. Classes of instructions are selected by clicking on the tab above the buttons.


Most instructions have a two part button. Clicking on the rectangular part of the button will replace the instruction in the current matrix location to be replaced with the new instruction. Clicking on the arrow shaped area below the button will move down one matrix position and then replace the new matrix location with the new instruction. This allows moving to a new location and inserting an instruction to be accomplished with a single mouse click.

Replace: outputs - button1 Replace below: outputs - button2

Disabling of Buttons for Incompatible Matrix Types

Output instructions which are not compatible with the current matrix type will be covered with a "mask" which prevents them from being selected. The following shows the TMR and TMROFF buttons enabled, while the TMRA, CNTU, CNTD, and UDC buttons are disabled.

outputs - disabled

Connecting Outputs Together

When multiple outputs are present in the same rung, they will be automatically connected together with power rails. This means there are no branch instructions which need to be applied to outputs.

Output Instructions

Coil Buttons

outputs - coils

The coil outputs include the following instructions:

  1. OUT - Output logic stack to bit.
  2. SET - Set bit if logic stack true.
  3. RST - Reset bit if logic stack true.
  4. PD - Output logic stack one shot.
  5. OUT - Output logic stack to multiple bits.
  6. SET - Set multiple bits if logic stack true.
  7. RST - Reset multiple bits if logic stack true.
  8. PD - Output logic stack one shot to multiple bits.

Program Control Buttons

outputs - program control

The program control outputs include the following instructions:

  1. CALL - Call subroutine.
  2. RT - Return from subroutine.
  3. RTC - Return from subroutine conditional.
  4. END - Program end .
  5. ENDC - Program end conditional.
  6. FOR - For/next loop.
  7. NEXT - Next in For/next loop.

Timer Buttons

outputs - timers

Timers and counters.

  1. TMR - On delay timer.
  2. TMROFF - Off delay timer.
  3. TMRA - On delay accumulating timer (double input).
  4. CNTU - Count up (double input).
  5. CNTD - Count down (double input).
  6. UDC - Up/down counter (triple input).

Copy Buttons

outputs - copy

Copy memory.

  1. COPY - Copy a single value to a register.
  2. CPYBLK - Copy a block of data.
  3. FILL - Fill a block of data.
  4. PACK - Pack bits into a register.
  5. UNPACK - Unpack bits from a register.

Find (Search) Buttons

outputs - find

Search a series of memory locations for a match or pattern.

  1. FINDEQ - Search table for equal to.
  2. FINDNE - Search table for not equal.
  3. FINDGT - Search table for > .
  4. FINDGE - Search table for >= .
  5. FINDLT - Search table for < .
  6. FINDLE - Search table for <= .
  7. FINDIEQ - Incremental search table for equal to.
  8. FINDINE - Incremental search table for not equal.
  9. FINDIGT - Incremental search table for > .
  10. FINDIGE - Incremental search table for >= .
  11. FINDILT - Incremental search table for < .
  12. FINDILE - Incremental search table for <= .

Misc Buttons

outputs - misc

Miscellaneous instructions, including math and shift register. Math instructions accept arbitrary equations.

  1. MATHDEC - Decimal math.
  2. MATHHEX - Hexadecimal math.
  3. SUM - Sum a range of registers.
  4. SHFRG - Shift register (triple input).

Edit Buttons

outputs - edit

The edit buttons allow instructions to be inserted or deleted.

  1. INS ROW - Insert an empty matrix position, moving any existing instructions down one position.
  2. DEL ROW - Delete an existing output, moving any existing instructions up one position.