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Soft Logic Ladder Logic Edit Demo:


This section presents a demonstration version of a web based soft logic ladder logic editor. This editor will be integrated into MBLogic when it is complete, but at this time it is present here on the web site simply as a technology demonstration. Most of the ladder editing features are present, but integration into the soft logic system is not complete at this time.

The ladder logic editor is a true web based system and is implemented via a combination of XHTML, SVG, and Javascript. These features are supported by virtually all modern web browsers. However, some web browsers do not support modern web technologies and may not work with this editor. This editor has been tested and is known to work with the following web browsers:

It has not been tested with Apple Safari, but Safari will probably work without any issues. It will not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer (any version) as that web browser operates in text mode only and does not have the graphical capabilities necessary to dynamically display and manipulate ladder symbols.

The Demo

The demo can be viewed here: (click here to view the demo). You must have Javascript enabled to run the demo. The editor page will automatically load some sample data from a file for the demonstration. However, since there is no copy of MBLogic running in the background to support it, not all features will work. Basic editing will work, but the demo cannot save the program, create new subroutines, or perform a complete set of checks on the addresses that you may enter. However, you will be able to add and delete rungs, as well as edit existing rungs.

The sections below describe how to operate the editor. You may wish to read this before attempting the demo.

Editor Features

When the ladder editor is loaded into a web browser, the existing program logic will be displayed as a series of rungs.

Ladder editor page

The web page contains the following display sections:

Editor Details

The following links describe the editor features in more details.