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Creating HMI Pages

Create the Drawing

Pick an SVG Template File

The first step is to create an empty HMI drawing. You can either start with one of the provided templates, or create your own. In this example we will use hmi_template_850x550.svg. The numeric digits at the end of the file name represent the size of the drawing in pixels (width x height).

pick template

Copy the file to a convenient location, give it a suitable name, and open it with the Inkscape drawing editor.

Select the SVG Widgets

Next, decide what widgets (controls) your HMI application needs. In this simple example we will be using just a push button and a pilot light. The widgets are stored as individual files in the HMISVGArt directory. The widgets are categorised by type, and most widgets are available in multiple colours.

pick widgets

Insert the Widgets

Drag the widgets onto the drawing. We will start with a simple pilot light (Pilot_Light/pl_round.svg) ...

insert pl insert pl

and then a toggle push button (PB_Toggle1/pb_toggle1_square_lime.svg).

insert pb

Set the Properties

Now we need to set the "id" property of each widget so we can control it later. We will also change the text label on the push button.

set properties

Set the "ID" for the pilot light ...

set pl id

and for the push button.

set pb id

Then set the text label for the push button.

set text label set text label

Save the Drawing

page done

Finally, save the drawing and exit Inkscape.