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Web Based HMI Using HMIServer

HMIServer allows a web based HMI server to be added to any Modbus/TCP server (slave) or client (master). This provides the same web HMI capabilities from the MBLogic soft logic platform in a stand alone package.

HMIServer connects to a field device using the TCP/IP protocol. The field device can be a PLC, robot controller, drive, or even simple I/O. A standard web browser running on a PC can then connect to HMIServer and load an HMI web page which will allow an operator to monitor and control the field device using live data.

HMIServer comes in two versions - client and server. The client version acts as a client (master) and will connect to a single server (slave) field device. The server version acts as a server (slave) and will accept connections from multiple client (master) field devices. There is no limit on the number of incoming connections which the server version will handle.

More that one web browser running on different PCs can connect to the same HMIServer. As well as multiple instances of the same web browser, more than one web based HMI page can run at the same time. This allows multiple HMI control stations to monitor and control the same piece of equipment.

Using HMIServer

Web Based HMI using MBLogic

The same web based HMI is also present in MBLogic. The soft logic system in MBLogic is optional, allowing it to be used as just a communications platform. In this configuration, it can act as a web server with connectivity to field IO allowing web based HMI applications to be created. This allows a web based HMI to be added to any system capable of communicating with MBLogic.

While the client version of HMIServer can only connect to a single server (slave), MBLogic can connect to multiple servers (slaves), and can also simultaneously act as a server (master). This allows MBLogic to provide a web based HMI to a system which consists of multiple field devices. It may for example be the supervisory station for an entire production line.

Like HMIServer, MBLogic can handle multiple operator stations and multiple different HMI web pages simultaneously.

Web Based HMI