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Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Development

Many times when creating a new application, the actual I/O hardware isn't available until just before the system has to be installed. MBAsyncServer can be used to simulate field devices. You can even use another program to write to MBAsyncServer to change the data values to simulate changing inputs.

Application Testing

Commissioning and Troubleshooting

MBProbe is a simple web based Modbus/TCP client. It can be used during commissioning and for troubleshooting to test if Modbus/TCP servers (field devices) are responding, or to directly read or write data to them.


Performance Testing

MBPoll has a mode for performance testing servers to see what their response time and data throughput is. It can send a request repeatly and measure the time required to respond. This can be used to find the optimum performance level in a network system.