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SBPoll is a simple SAIA Ether SBus command line client with the following features:

Supported SBus Commands:

The following SBus commands are supported:


SBPoll will come as an archive file in "tar-gz" (most platforms) or "zip" (MS-Windows) formats. The MS-Windows version has the special new-line character combination (CR-LF) required by that platform, but is otherwise identical to the standard version.

Extract the archive file into the desired location. SBPoll doesn't care where you place it.

Installing Python:

This is the language support for Python which is required for SBPoll to run. SBPoll has been tested with version 2.5 and 2.6. Other versions may work but have not been tested. For Linux, Python is often already installed. If not, it can normally be installed from the distro's package manager. For MS-Windows, Python can be downloaded from

Command Line Parameters:

Address, command codes, and other values are specified by means of command line parameters. If a parameter is omitted, its default value is used. The parameters are:

Ethernet Address Parameters

Parameter Description Default
h Host name of the Ether SBus server localhost
p Port number of the Ether SBus server 5050
t Receive time-out in seconds 60 (minimum = 1)

Note: -h (host). For SBPoll, this is the IP address or domain name.

SBus parameters

Parameter Description Default
c Command 2
n Station address 1
a Address (SBus memory) 0
q Quantity of addresses 1

Polling parameters

Parameter Description Default
r Repeats. Number of times to perform the poll. 1
y Delay time between repeats (in millseconds) 1
d Data to send to the server. 0000
s Silent mode. 'Y' or 'y' will suppress displaying data. 'n'

Note: Actual delay time is affected by the resolution of the operating system process scheduler.

Sending Data:

Return Codes:

The following command line return codes are defined:

Return Code Description
0 No errors.
2 Bad command line.
3 Program was terminated from keyboard
4 Invalid data for SBus command.
5 Error communicating with host.
6 Invalid SBus parameters.

SBus Protocol:

SAIA SBus has a number of concepts similar to Modbus, but has several different characteristics.

Using SBPoll:

SBPoll is normally used from the command line. For Linux, the syntax is::

	./ (parameters)

For Microsoft Windows, the syntax is::

	c:\python26\python (parameters)

A typical example is::

	./ -h -p 5050 -t 10 -c 14 -a 6789 -q 1 -n 45 -d 0123abcd

The above example polls the Ether SBus server at UDP/IP address using port 5050 and sets a time out of 10 seconds. It requests command 14 (write registers), address 6789, and station address 45. It requests to write data 0123abcd.

Another example is::

	./ -h localhost -p 502 -c 2 -a 6 -q 24

The above polls the server at localhost (located on the same computer as SBPoll), port 5050. It requests command 2 (read flags), flag address 6, quantity 24. It uses the default values for all other parameters.

Polling performance measurement: