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Help - Soft Logic Specs


The following are the specifications for the "Ck" soft logic library.

General Specifications:

Characteristic Limits
Data table size 50 kbytes
Digital inputs 2000
Digital outputs 2000
Analogue inputs 125
Analogue outputs 125
Timers 500
Counters 250
Maximum number of instructions No limit
Maximum number of subroutines No limit

There is no enforced limit to the size of program that can be run. The practical limitations are related to scan rate and the time to load the program on start up.

Instruction Speed:

The actual instruction speed achieved in any application will depend on the speed of the computer used. The following are some representative times from a relativesly slow (1.8GHz Sempron) PC. All times are in micro-seconds per instruction.

Boolean Inputs / Edge Contacts / Compare

Instruction Speed
STR / STRN 0.63
AND / ANDN 0.13
OR / ORN 0.13
ANDE / ANDNE (reg / reg) 0.13
ANDE / ANDNE (3 char string / reg) 0.21

Boolean Outputs

Instruction Single bit 2 bits 16 bits 128 bits
OUT 0.20 3.57 7.04 34.22
PD 0.88 4.38 7.95 35.55
RST / SET (rung true) 0.33 3.31 6.78 34.05
RST / SET (rung false) 0.11 0.11 0.11 0.11

Counter / Timer / Math

Instruction Speed
CNTU 2.53
TMR 10.32
TMRA 9.38
MATHDEC (x + y * z / a MOD b) 5.45
MATHDEC (SIN 0.5) 5.01
MATHHEX (LSH(reg, h2)) 5.16

Shift Register

Instruction 16 bits 128 bits
SHFRG 9.13 40.94

Pack / Unpack

Instruction 1 bit 16 bits
PACK 5.54 11.82
UNPACK 10.21 15.58

Single Register Copy

COPY Single operations are much faster when copying between registers of exactly the same type (e.g. DS to DS, DF to DF), or when copying constants to registers of the same type (e.g. 10 to DS, 10.0 to DF).

Instruction Speed
COPY (constant to register of same type) 1.77
COPY (constant to register of different type) 9.72
COPY (register to register of same type) 1.88
COPY (register to register of different type) 8.07
COPY (pointer, register to register) 8.58
COPY (single char constant to TXT register) 1.74
COPY (4 char string to TXT registers) 39.67
COPY (Integer to TXT registers) 42.07

Multi-Register Operations

Instruction 2 regs 100 regs 1000 regs
CPYBLK 14.2 360.32 3669.33
FILL 7.97 31.74 246.88
FINDEQ 8.23 167.66 1821.93
SUM 7.88 36.05 331.68


Instruction Speed
NETWORK (start new rung) 0.51
FOR / NEXT (per empty loop iteration) 0.08
CALL / RT (call plus return from empty subr) 3.93

Instruction Set:

The instruction set implemented in the "Ck" logic engine is very similar to that of the Koyo "Click". The "Ck" logic engine is not however intended to be an emulator or direct replacement for the "Click". It is intended to be a useful soft logic library that is similar enough to the "Click" that someone already familiar with one will find the other easy to learn and understand.


The instructions are documented in detail elsewhere. The following is just a brief summary.

Instruction type # of
Boolean input 8
Edge contact 6
Boolean output 8
Comparison 18
Program control 8
Counter and timer 6
Copy 5
Search 12
Shift register 1
Math operators and functions 26

Instructions Not Implemented, or Implemented Differently

Certain instructions present in the Koyo "Click" were either not implemented in the "Ck" logic engine, or were implemented differently.